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Through the Trevi Group Academy, the company supports the Manager that, unlike in the past, defines and handles firsthand the training plan of his employees.

It is we, the company, directly and without intermediaries of important knowledge, now allowing and helping the enjoyment of key content by our employees and associates, providing our people, in a flexible e-learning platform, not only texts and slides, but fine and well made audio comments, remarks, additions, explanations, clear and well-structured learning paths.

This organization makes learning flexible, providing 24/24-7/7 what is needed, thus making work more compatible with study and exercise.

Commitment and Accountability of Managers, drivers for success of the Company Training, are valued through the 3 Parties Training Contract:

- The Manager is the Client: he/she determines and forwards the short-term performance objectives (and Added Value) that should be achieved through the training path; he/she measures the level of expression and use of lessons learned in the daily work, in relation to the results achieved concerning the objectives assigned by his employee; he/she is informed step by step of progress, intervnes in the event of strandings, compliments in case of good performance and success;

- The Employee is the Recipient: he/she carries out the individual training and is committed to use in a diligent and proactive way the resources and to protect the investment made for the training action;

- Trevi Group Academy is the Supplier: it commits itself to promptly provide the expected educational support, to monitor the training path and to inform the people involved, and to carry out without delay what is necessay for the preparation and registration of appraisal tests.