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Marine works

The TREVI Group boasts a wide experience in the realization of important and complex marine projects and works. A number of projects have been successfully completed throughout the world, including numberless interventions, among which bored or water-driven piles, sheet-piles, cofferdams, complete wharves and piers, shore protection, off-shore excavations and small drainage works, coast rehabilitation works.

The TREVI Group can provide comprehensive solutions including special foundation works and shore protection, off-shore excavations and dredging, reinforced concrete civil and structural work, paving, viaducts, electrical and hydraulic systems, infrastructure; any works are designed and realized using state-of-the-art technologies and equipment, ensuring environment protection and complying with the requirements set by local port authorities.

Foundation structures have a major function to play, as they absorb axial and/or horizontal loading generated by the superstructure (bridges, viaducts, docks, piers, wharves, etc.) and transfer it to soil. Foundations can also serve as temporary or permanent support structures for excavations or as underground water retention structures.

Deep foundations, geotechnical and marine works, tunnels, recovery of polluted areas, water and hydrocarbon well drilling

Equipment and solutions for the foundation engineering