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The Group

A Group is not just the sum of its many firms. The Group is a strong theme which unites situations that are different but are honed in their mental and spiritual aspects, commitment and passion. Our Group is like this: always striving towards new solutions and new markets, willing to renew itself, day after day, without compromising itself, its own identity, its own objectives. We were a global company before globalisation, careful to seize and anticipate the multiple changes in the world, integrating our company with cultures and traditions that are very different from our own.

We aren’t afraid of new ideas. Instead, they make us passionate. Today, after more than 50 years, we are confronting new challenges which are always more complex, and aware that we have acquired significant experience, supported by targeted and innovative technologies, a workforce ingrained with strong values, capability and passion; a team which is spread across every corner of the world but linked by common values, identity and passion. We are the result of a long journey, which is at the same time a new point of departure. This is the essence of our Group.