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Nothing is as grounded and at the same time as mobile as roots; as the earth moves, while everything seems still, everything is actually changing and renewing itself. Roots evolve, they choose the best route to adapt themselves to the earth, and faced with an obstacle, don’t stop, but look for new life and new directions, and as they move ahead, they strengthen, and improve.

This is what happens every day on every Trevi project: in every technical matter, on every foundation built, every dam or parking lot created, in a hole drilled in the earth or under the sea we find an innovative solution. No two projects are ever alike, no two terrains identical: each solution is unique. The best tools aren’t enough in and of themselves; innovation is not only a question of technology, it is a mental state, a way of being, of seeing, and an approach to different situations. Our growth draws strength from all we do: the experience of our professionals, the most modern techniques, and the desire to think outside of the box, to establish new viewpoints, and to carve new roads.

Thanks to this frame of mind, Trevi has found new solutions to old unsolved problems. We look at a project in a new light, acutely, as no one has before us. Studying all the possible avenues, and then not finding one that is suitable, we have created new ones.